For gryeipfrut @ DA <3

For gryeipfrut @ DA <3

For shincovi @ DA &lt;3

For shincovi @ DA <3

Sketch for ooneithoo @ deviantart &lt;3

Sketch for ooneithoo @ deviantart <3

for dapperowl <3

Got some sketches done today, it was a pretty ok day for art.

Up late again…

Ara for Dapperowl@Tumblr  <3


official art

Some early sketches I had done of Malon for chapter 2  <33 I know this is barely a spoiler since where they’re headed has already been stated in the comic, but to be safe it’ll get a spoiler tag until they actually get there.


I want to work on my zelda comic 8|

Redesign Project: Toad & Toadette

This is one of those things I keep coming to in my folder where I keep telling myself I’ll finish it, but then I never actually do.

By the by, taggin’ my anthro stuff as “anthro” since I’ve been posting a fair bit of it lately, in case you don’t want to see it :> Doodle for a dapper owl.

Continuing our redesign project, some rough, first passes on Zelos Wilder and Colette Brunel, since they are such enjoyable friends to watch on screen together.  We’ll be doing turnarounds for them once we have the designs more nailed down. Hopefully we’ll find our way to the entire Symphonia party.

Also to any Symphonia fans wondering if the PS3 re-release is worth owning, my answer is yes. Yes it is. All the PS2 content I never got to see from the English GC version was really enjoyable, especially if you get all the Zelos soul-mate stuff (much more than I thought there would actually be) and I very much enjoyed the translation of “bud” properly translated to “hunny” in the extra scenes.