Commission for royal-jelliefish @ deviantart

Commission for royal-jelliefish @ deviantart

For gryeipfrut @ DA <3

For gryeipfrut @ DA <3

For shincovi @ DA &lt;3

For shincovi @ DA <3

Sketch for ooneithoo @ deviantart &lt;3

Sketch for ooneithoo @ deviantart <3

for dapperowl <3

Got some sketches done today, it was a pretty ok day for art.

Up late again…

Ara for Dapperowl@Tumblr  <3


official art

Some early sketches I had done of Malon for chapter 2  <33 I know this is barely a spoiler since where they’re headed has already been stated in the comic, but to be safe it’ll get a spoiler tag until they actually get there.


I want to work on my zelda comic 8|

Redesign Project: Toad & Toadette

This is one of those things I keep coming to in my folder where I keep telling myself I’ll finish it, but then I never actually do.

By the by, taggin’ my anthro stuff as “anthro” since I’ve been posting a fair bit of it lately, in case you don’t want to see it :> Doodle for a dapper owl.