I know I don’t usually post our iron artist commission stuff, but this has been sitting around waiting for so long and I really like how it came out 8| I’m also trying this thing where I actually post shit I’m working on to my horribly neglected tumblr 8D

Collab with dapperowl@tumblr who is totally the only reason this looks at all rad.

Commission for Caninelove <33

Commission I did for someone on FA a while ago. Someday I want to make a big post of a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been doing, but today is not that day x_x. [/lazy]

Commission for JacintaMaree @ devart of her character as a snake themed samurai :)

PRINTS AVAILABLE: http://fancyowl.storenvy.com/products/1685699-momento-print

Illustration I did earlier in the year for the Ghost Book project. There are some really awesome artists on this project and it’s totes worth checking out if you like artbooks! You can find more information on the book’s content on the kickstarter page (including a preview of some of the other art): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/13crownsstudio/ghostbook

The kickstarter itself was over a while ago but they are taking orders for the book here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/152229720/ghostbook . There are only 27 left at time of writing.

I am just an artist on this project, I am not managing the orders and can not give you any information that you can’t already read in the links provided, sorry.

Drawing for witchash of their character, Enkofor June’s Crayon Crunch.

I know I havn’t updated in a while, I’ve been out of town, I have a ton of little things to scan when I can find some more time x_x

Some chibi charms I made for my friends of their characters. I hope they arrive soon!

I duno, I keep forgetting I have this thing :B I know Tumblr is for spamming but I hate doing it.

Some doodles of Yhihre :)

I posted the preview for this a while back and now that the artbook is out and sold out I’d like to post the full version. This illustration was done for the St. Jude’s Hospital charity art book: Kingdom Carousel.