Under the Dog anime project directed by Masahiro Ando (Sword of the StrangerBlast of TempestCANAAN)

"Under the Dog takes place in 2025 in Neo Tokyo, five years after a devastating terrorist attack at the Tokyo Olympics. In the wake of the tragedy, the U.N. formed a covert ops unit dedicating to seeking out, then eliminating those responsible for the attack. Anthea Kallenberg, a girl of Swedish descent is a member of this elite group who has honed her combat abilities and has become a deadly assassin, but must come to terms as to who she really is."

Support it on Kickstarter!

You guys like Fire Emblem? I’m supporting to nab another art book by Yuusuke Kozaki, who does the character designs for Fire Emblem Awakening, No More Heroes, Speed Grapher, etc. And also cuz this show looks neat! Let’s support the creators we love!


This looks awesome

Damn it makes me sad that this is struggling to make its quota. AAarrggh i want good anime in my life.. come on guys!  Pimp this thing hard!

edit: Also they made an update to the kickstarter and the character designer updated the main girls power-suit and i really dig it.  More slick and intimidating but also great looking with the addition of a hoodie and more black.

yaaaassss check out the other updates as well, like: All backers of the $20 tier and higher to have digital access to any future Under the Dog animations.

This means if we only meet the base goal of this KS campaign but go on to create our trilogy of films at some later time then you, the backers, will have access to download those for your original $20 or more contribution to this campaign!

I just want this to happen so bad ;;


Wow guys it’s almost funded and has also received a very generous endorsement from Hideo Kojima *___*  There’s also been a lot of additions to the backer tiers if you were interested in hard copies of any of the products, they’re now available for cheaper.

Reblogging for awesomeness, they are around $35k away from their goal with 68 hours to go!

If  you like quality animations and/or you like supporting artists, you should take a look at this, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


Hey guys! Our BFF and studio mate, Chutkat is trying to raise some money to come visit us in Canada. To do so, we’re having a studio-wide print sale. All artists, all sections, all prints. To activate the discount, enter in the code ” TOCANADA ” (no spaces or punctuation) at the checkout!

We’re also doing a raffle to the peeps who want to help us out with a reblog. A Free print,(including shipping and handling) for every 1k notes will be given away to a random re-blogger on Aug 5. If you happen to have already purchased one or more through the shop, a print and shipping will be comped.

mumi-tomoe asked:
Your art is such an amazing inspiration to me, I just wanted to say thank you! Looking at your art has kept me going on my own artistic path because I aim to be as amazing as you. Thank you so much!

Nooooooo ;; That is the biggest honor <3

Anonymous asked:
What do you think is the most important thing to remember when you start making your own style/ start stylizing anatomy?

To do what you want to do, not what you think others will want to see you do.

For gryeipfrut @ DA &lt;3

For gryeipfrut @ DA <3

For shincovi @ DA &lt;3

For shincovi @ DA <3

Sketch for ooneithoo @ deviantart &lt;3

Sketch for ooneithoo @ deviantart <3

for dapperowl <3

Got some sketches done today, it was a pretty ok day for art.

Your style is SO BEAUTIFUL! I would love to see some of your artwork in a film or game. I would play/watch the crap out of that

;;;; Well, I have done art for a few games, unfortunately you wouldn’t even know it was me I’m sure! Though if anything I’ve had a heavier hand in artistically comes out I will be sure to let you know!

I thought it would be fun to warm up for some Demon Road again by drawing Quill in an adaptation of his Wind Waker outfit .3.

Harry Potter

Oh noooooo ;;; Ok confession time, I totally didn’t read Harry Potter but I have a lot of friends who have filled me in on most of it and I feel like answering this question based solely on the movies while knowing what I’m actually missing feels like some sort of blasphemy.

Anonymous asked:
What media do you use?

Pencil and ballpoint pen and photoshoops

Are there any specific artist that you adapted your style from. I absolutely love the way you draw and was just wondering how you went about creating your own drawing style?

Not really, my art has evolved a LOT from where it started, but if you want to go waaaay back to the beginning, I guess Gundam Wing and Digimon art.

I’ve been asked things like this quite a few times and I always have a really hard time answering it in any sort of coherent way. The things I like, the reasons I draw, the things I’ve been exposed to and my goals in life and art, have all changed very drastically over the course of my artistic life and it’s hard to pinpoint all the conscious and unconscious decisions I’ve made during that time that add up to what I am now.

I do have some inspiration stuff here:

And I still keep my old art on my DA (dating back to ‘06) as sambees which may be more informative than anything I could try to explain.