Do you prefer playing straight fantasy video games (like Legend of Zelda) or science fantasy video games (like FFVII)?

Honestly, I’m pretty open about settings. I have a soft spot for high fantasy stuff for sure (as you can tell from my personal art)  but I have a lot of respect for nicely design sci-fi or science fantasy settings. I like the design work of FF7 a lot, not really because it’s scifantasy but because it’s diesel punk and I love that stuff too. I thought the design work for FF13 was balls to the walls shite so… make of that what you will. My fave general world design stuff has been stuff like FF12 and tactics. I don’t really love zelda because it’s fantasy, but because it’s fun world building and I love puzzle games. I wouldn’t be turned off a modern or sci-fi zelda game unless the game itself wasn’t very good.

That said, if my options for my fave types of games aren’t being limited to fantasy and science fantasy and have to generalize genre, my fave types of games are psychological and horror games. I’m a huge old-school silent hill fan :B

sketch commission for Gulaghar @ deviantart <3

sketch commission for Gulaghar @ deviantart <3

Anonymous asked:
What scanner do you use? My HP photosmart one sucks so much..

I use a CanoScan Lide 700F : It’s a very good scanner for the price! I think I payed around $80 for it? I highly recommend this model.

Commission for royal-jelliefish @ deviantart

Commission for royal-jelliefish @ deviantart

Anonymous asked:
Everything about your art makes me want to start drawing again. I haven't since high school (around 10 years). I didn't really care much to start it up again but your lines and just the spirit of your characters just gave me this uplifting feeling; omg I'm inspired! I follow a lot of different types of art blogs but this is my favourite; I like EVERYTHING, not just select pieces.

That’s really flattering <3 I hope I can continue to do so!

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any intentions of going to any future AX's? I honestly would go just to meet you because you are one of the biggest inspirations in my life.

Wow, I haven’t been to AX in years!

These days I haven’t been doing much for conventions except locally since I quit freelancing. Unfortunately because of time and expenses (especially with international conventions like AX), I can’t see that changing in the future unless the convention where to bring me as a guest. If that ever happens, I will be sure to be there!

I really appreciate the sentiment, if something changes or I end up at an another American based convention, I’ll be sure to make a post about it!


Hey guys! Our BFF and studio mate, Chutkat is trying to raise some money to come visit us in Canada. To do so, we’re having a studio-wide print sale. All artists, all sections, all prints. To activate the discount, enter in the code ” TOCANADA ” (no spaces or punctuation) at the checkout!

We’re also doing a raffle to the peeps who want to help us out with a reblog. A Free print,(including shipping and handling) for every 1k notes will be given away to a random re-blogger on Aug 5. If you happen to have already purchased one or more through the shop, a print and shipping will be comped.

mumi-tomoe asked:
Your art is such an amazing inspiration to me, I just wanted to say thank you! Looking at your art has kept me going on my own artistic path because I aim to be as amazing as you. Thank you so much!

Nooooooo ;; That is the biggest honor <3

Anonymous asked:
What do you think is the most important thing to remember when you start making your own style/ start stylizing anatomy?

To do what you want to do, not what you think others will want to see you do.

For gryeipfrut @ DA &lt;3

For gryeipfrut @ DA <3

For shincovi @ DA &lt;3

For shincovi @ DA <3

Sketch for ooneithoo @ deviantart &lt;3

Sketch for ooneithoo @ deviantart <3